Updating Flex’s data center to be fully SCALABLE for continued growth.


Creating a fully scalable, seamless network was imperative for Flex’s continued success.

Flex’s data centers in both Sacramento and Hong Kong are responsible for over $23 billion of their revenue. Each one of their customers in their factories around the world rely on secure access to these data centers in order to share designs and create products for manufacturing.



Our Key Challenges

  1. Upgrading their data center network from old hardware and processes into a next-gen network that was software-defined, and as automated as possible.

  2. Migrating from legacy and proprietary technology to a full ecosystem that was agile, flexible, secure, and scalable.

  3. Implementing a robust & tiered out-of-band management network.

Our Pathway to a Solution


The updated Data Center needed to seamlessly connect the Flextronics business, its customers, and its partners.

To develop the best approach, we spent 12-months testing all technologies available. In testing, we used VXLAN in a massive scale to achieve layer 3 networking, while still supporting layer 2 at the rack level.

Then we built orchestration workflows for automating network operations and to explore available technologies and their modules.



Creating a Custom Solution for Flex


• We created a full layer 3 network with VXLAN to support the current server layer.

• We centralized management of all the network components for configuration and monitoring, using Arista Cloudvision and Palo Alto Panorama.

• We fully-automated networking and security-provisioning system using Ansible, with integrations built into ServiceNow and networking components to on-the-fly provision ports.

And we developed security policies they could utilize moving forward.