Hear what our clients have to say.

“Armature helped us flawlessly migrate from our legacy data center firewall infrastructure onto new Palo Alto Networks firewalls. They know firewalls extremely well – I would recommend them for any campus or data center roll outs.”

— Van Nguyen, Director of Global Information Security


“With Armature, it’s clearly more about the relationship – For them, it’s not about pushing products only, nor pushing professional services only. Instead, they suggest what you really need, and support you in the best way possible.”

— Jimmy S., Head of Security


“From a relationship perspective, I really trust the people at Armature – They constantly work to be a better partner, and you get the sense that they really care – which is rare.

From an engineering perspective, they’re really, really knowledgeable in their field. They’re flexible and nimble, and their teams really work hard to find the best solution for you.”

— Russ Burnett, IT Director


“I really appreciated Armature’s ability to listen and understand exactly what you’re asking of them: Their team takes in the input, understanding not just your specific requirements, but also the essence of what you’re really trying to do, and your key metrics for success. Then, they scope for the right technology and implement well-thought-out solutions. They are success and solution driven, not product-driven.”

– Dave Lavelle, IT & Security Management Veteran

“My team has worked with Armature on a number of projects around security and network infrastructure, and what makes them different than any other vendor is not only their level of expertise, but the fact they act as a trusted advisor – rather than simply try to sell us products.”

– Yousuf Khan, CIO