Intro about SOAR, Networking, Penetration Testing for Applications and Networks, or about each


Security Architecture & Posture Assessments


The issues of properly architecting your security environment to protect your organization, efficiently achieving compliance, and providing the necessary flexibility to detect and eliminate emergent threats is a task that requires expertise and experience. Our proven methodology goes beyond automated scanning and leverages our deep knowledge of security, network, application, and infrastructure to help you identify weaknesses in your current network defenses. By offering comprehensive network security analysis, creating detailed security posture assessment reports, and providing mitigation services like firewall policy tuning, network segmentation, and endpoint penetration testing we’re able to identify entry points that attackers are likely to target and recommend appropriate security controls and mitigation strategies to reduce your attack surface and shore up your defenses.


Security Automation Orchestration & Response


The ability to get more done faster without sacrificing security or scalability is one of the core challenges facing the modern SOC teams.

  • We start with a security response audit

  • Start Design - What issues are you trying to solve and solve better

  • Implementation - Actual writing of software to automate security workflows ( Playbook writing)

  • Deployment - Supporting the cut over to ensure a smooth transition of operations

  • Support & Maintenance - Maintain software delivered as your environment changes and new pieces to the security stack are added. 


Application and Network Penetration Testing


We developed a detailed testing plan around the specific use cases they outlined, focusing on each solution’s capability of protecting against malware and attacks; visibility to endpoint and environment; remediation and response; and their administrative functionalities.

We created exploit strategies based on the MITRE ATT&CK framework for testing advanced attack detection and prevention.

We worked directly with vendors to understand limitations on modules, and tactics they use to prevent attacks.



Creating a Custom Solution for Uber


We provided a comprehensive, 100-page tech report with our pros and cons for different vendors Our analysis included every possible angle with regard to security, usability, and administration. This gave them the chance to make a truly educated choice in vendor products going forward.

As a result of our audit and report, we were able to show they needed greater endpoint protection before filing for IPO.