We use Splunk Phantom for powerful automation and performance.

Top Tech Benefits for Splunk Phantom

Cloud based cluster architecture

Hi-performance, powerful automation

Scalable and adaptable

Massive flexibility and integration with existing tools


Partners in the Solution


Our client’s SOAR infrastructure was patchworked and failing at scale, and with Phantom we were able to re-architect their SOAR so it could be automated to handle over 10,000 instances per day, effectively streamlining what was 100+ playbooks into an elegantly-operating set.

  • With Phantom, we were able to develop a cloud based cluster architecture for hi-performance, scalability, high-availability, and disaster recovery.

  • Phantom allowed us to develop an automated system and playbook for handling security incidents in a much faster, more powerful way.

  • Phantom has a huge amount of flexibility, integrating well with existing tools. This meant the customer could take control of their own systems, and be able to scale and adapt.