ENABLING Intuitive Surgical with a more secure network.


Intuitive needed to be able to quickly identify and segment users across their network, granting varying levels of authorization and access to the system.

We learned about their specific integration requirements across their network as well as key use cases, and then built out our Test Lab to mimic their access network in its entirety. By testing each technology against real-world scenarios, we were able to determine how to engineer the best solutions for Intuitive.



Our Key Challenges

  1. Identifying the core Network Access Control (NAC) use cases, and then testing a variety of possible solutions, and evaluating for each of their effectiveness.

  2. Determining the best solutions for providing correct user-authorization and access to the network, at the right level.

  3. Integrating with other existing IAM solutions and platforms.

Our Pathway to a Solution


We determined all advanced use cases based on understanding Intuitive’s core needs and security concerns, and then developed a comprehensive test plan.

We setup a Test Lab environment in our own lab at Armature, to mimic Intuitive’s access network – and we worked through each of their integration requirements and target use cases, troubleshooting and documenting our results.

In simulating their environment, we acquired one of each of what Intuitive had across their system, from switches to wireless controls to industrial equipment.



Creating a Custom Solution for Intuitive Surgical


Through our report, we showed Intuitive specific results for their primary use cases, allowing them to implement the best solution on their own terms.

We were able to recommend not just products, but OS versions, configurations, integrations, and workflows to improve their network.