We use PAN Cortex for building a reliable connection across all devices.

We use PAN Firewalls for providing network security and segmentation.

Top Tech Benefits for PAN Products

Full-scale network automation

High-powered and secure connectivity

Inventory management and tracking

Operates like a nex-gen antivirus

Gives your client network visibility


Partners in the Solution


We updated a data center network for our client, migrating legacy technologies and automating the network from end-to-end, so that anytime the network expanded going forward, it would auto-populate. Using PAN products technologies together, we were able to roll out and prove the first MSS (Macro Segmentation Service).

  • We could onboard new customers in a matter of minutes versus weeks. 

  • We could handle a full campus and product migration from legacy systems, ensuring high-powered, secure connectivity across all devices and machines.


With PAN Cortex...

We secured the network and gave visibility to the customer going forward.

We allowed for inventory management and tracking on the back end.


With PAN Firewalls...

It could act like a next-gen antivirus, allowing us to segment the network and provision the right data access to the right users.

We secured all critical internal systems like asset tracking databases.