Network Engineering

We take the time to understand your unique business needs, and then design a networking solution specifically for you.


Armature’s Network Engineering services take an unconventional approach.

We steer clear of boilerplate design templates from vendors, and instead customize our solution – Making your campus or data center deployment or migration completely seamless.



Network Stack Architecture (DC & Campus)

  • Campus and data center network architecture using modular design concepts driven by your business needs. Our architects help you classify your business needs with the correct technology, so you can achieve the best outcome from your network.

  • Advanced switching and routing design, with the right blend of legacy and modern protocols to This ensures the best availability for all applications, while still providing resiliency against inherent issues that arise with traditional network designs.



Deployment & Testing

  • Custom deployment planning to meet your new build or migration within your timeline.

  • Fully automated deployment in a fraction of the time of a standard network build, using our expertise in automation and zero touch provisioning.

  • Full scale testing and validation of network builds, using automation techniques to validate every config line, interface, and bandwidth including comprehensive failover testing.

  • Legacy to new gear without a blip: We plan out your migration deployments without affecting your services.



Post-Implementation Support and Documentation

  • We provide continued support your team post-implementation, customized to your needs.

  • We can develop custom training workshops for your engineers, based on your specific network design and configuration, arming your team with operational knowledge and key tips. 

  • We have a range of low-to-high level documentation options, leaving your team with a comprehensive catalog for maintaining network organization going forward.