Enterprise Wireless

We provide predictive coverage maps, site surveys, and a deep knowledge of RF and channel utilization.


Wireless has been evolving for the past 15 years into high speed, high usage, dense environments: We set up any-sized enterprise with Wireless-First environments.

Our core expertise is in conducting controller and controllerless deployments, and we design, deploy, and remediate any wireless solution that meets your requirements.



Wireless Architecture

  • Using best practices and leveraged feature sets, we design your wireless solution so it’s seamless. 

  • We design, troubleshoot, and remediate for organizations of any size, providing sponsored guest service, bluetooth wayfinding experience, dense wireless deployments, and architect solutions where the RF is inconsistent or changes constantly.



Predictive Analytics

  • We leverage industry-leading tools like Ekahau to help place APs for both greenfield installs, upgrades, and replacements. 

  • We walk campuses, review the floor maps, identify any large interference areas or objects, and do a spectrum analysis for any unique RF interference – Then, we provide a detailed predictive document to use for install



Active Site Survey

  • In leveraging Ekahau Site Survey software, we can also provide active RF surveys for post-install locations. 

  • Our engineers go onsite, walk the campus and collect wireless data. After we review your data, site map, and any Spectrum data collected, we provide a detailed report of each floor – Allowing us to provide key recommendations based on your data and requirements.



Remediation and Roll-Out

  • Most customers that leverage our Site Survey services also work with us for remediation and rollouts of new equipment, if required. 

  • We can implement any enterprise-grade wireless solutions that’s in the market, based on your organization’s needs and our analysis.



Post-Implementation Support and Documentation

• For any deployment, Armature offers post-implementation support, education, and documentation – Meaning that you and your team can own the solution, and maintain its success as you grow and evolve.