Wireless Solutions

RF Site Survey & Design

Not all WiFi networks are created equal. In order to plan and implement a wireless network that provides the required coverage and quality of service necessary for your organization, you need a solution that was built for the specific services you are trying to deliver to your end users. Whether you are delivering data services, VOIP over WiFI, video, or all three, we use industry-leading software and our years of experience to design and engineer the perfect WLAN solution for you.

Wireless Remediation

In the RF world, many factors can hinder the transfer of data and it’s what you can’t see that can hurt you. By looking at layer 1 information our engineers can identify potential issues in the environment prior to implementing your WLAN and by using spectrum analysis we can gain visibility to the unseen. We then find additional sources of interference such as microwaves, cordless phones, excessive Bluetooth usage, and other 802.11 devices, to evaluate the amount of bandwidth within the airwaves to ensure that oversaturation is not an issue for your system.

Wireless Network User Experience Analysis

Just because a wireless network is designed properly doesn’t mean that your users are ensured optimal application and service experiences. Since communication is a two-way street, looking at WLANs strictly from an infrastructure perspective is not enough. We leverage real data and analytics collected from both your network and devices which allows us to evaluate each individual experience. This allows us to stay one step ahead in WiFi and network planning to ensure your users are productive and happy.

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