Security Services

Penetration Testing and Next Generation Endpoint Platform Validation

Rather than looking for signatures of known malware as traditional anti-virus software does, next-generation endpoint protection platforms analyze processes, changes and connections in order to spot activity that indicates foul play and while that approach is better at catching zero-day exploits, issues remain. Not all products are created equal in terms of ease of deployment, OS compatibility, prevention and detection or ransomware and maleware, and visibility.  Allow Armature Systems to sift through the  myriad of next-gen Vendors and perform a full penetration test and product evaluation vs your legacy endpoint protection systems.

Security Architecture & Posture Assessments

The issues of properly architecting your security environment to protect your organization, efficiently achieving compliance, and providing the necessary flexibility to detect and  eliminate emergent threats is a task that requires expertise and experience. Our proven methodology goes beyond automated scanning and leverages our deep knowledge of security, network, application, and infrastructure to help you identify weaknesses in your current network defenses. By offering comprehensive network security analysis, creating detailed security posture assessment reports, and providing mitigation services like firewall policy tuning, network segmentation, and endpoint penetration testing we’re able to identify entry points that attackers are likely to target and recommend appropriate security controls and mitigation strategies to reduce your attack surface and shore up your defenses.

Firewall Migration

Despite all of the advantages of migrating from an old URL filtering solution, sandboxing solution, or IPS solution to a next-generation firewall, if not performed correctly the migration process can be a resource drain to your organization. Our engineering teams have been performing firewall migrations for over 10 years and draw upon that experience in all firewall platforms to help you migrate from your legacy firewall platform to a next generation solution. Not only will we help deliver the latest technology to our customers, but we will also ensure that they can take full advantage of all of the operational advances in next generation firewalls. These advances include templating firewall rollouts for remote offices and data centers, leveraging next generation firewall APIs to automate policy creation, and more.

Identity, Access, & Control Management

Every point of access is also a potential point of exposure. And as more and more businesses provide increased freedom and flexibility for thousands of employees who use hundreds of different applications, protecting your users and data has become more difficult than ever. Armature Systems offers a variety of identity, access, and control management solutions like endpoint protection and NAC, CASB, and BYOD rollouts to develop an effective strategy for protecting your network.

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