Network Engineering Solutions

Data Center Network Architecture & Implementation Services

Having spent decades architecting and designing data centers for companies of all sizes, we know that the architecture of your data center is mission critical to the success and  productivity of your organization. Our process begins with a review of your current architecture where we develop and propose alternate High-Level Designs (HLD’s). We then turn our efforts towards implementation and deployment where we develop baseline device configurations, test all components, and provide assistance with deployment into staging and production environments. After your network has been deployed, we provide continuous tuning and optimization that includes the integration of security controls, automation services, development of operational run books, and ongoing support to address any post-deployment issues.

Campus Architecture & Implementation Services

To address the needs of the modern corporate campus, Armature Systems offers a full suite of network architecture and design solutions that to help make organizations become more agile, mobile, and cost-efficient. Whether you’re looking to standardize your office in a box footprint or migrate from a legacy architecture to leverage the latest advances in networking technology, Armature Systems has the expertise to help you every step of the way.

Multivendor Proof of Concepts

In order to optimize product capabilities and maximize resiliency and scalability to accommodate future growth, we work closely with our clients to develop their proof of concepts.  This process has three phases: developing evaluation requirements, initiating the evaluation, and generating the proof of concept itself. During this process we cover everything from categorizing your concept to installing and configuring the testing environment to formalizing our findings into a final recommendations report.

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