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Post-Deployment Operational Training

Learning how to navigate your newly created network environment can be a confusing process at first glance. But at Armature Systems, we recreate your environment in our lab and maintain those environments throughout the duration of the project to train you on things specific to your environment. This way, you’re able to harness the power of a state of the art network environment and know how to leverage it to its full potential.

DevOps/Python Workshop for Network Engineers

DevOps is transforming the way we deliver software to the masses. However, it’s a constantly evolving field and a number of challenges are present when finding new ways to build and operate rapidly changing resilient systems at scale. In our DevOps/Python workshop for network engineers, we impart our decades of experience and knowledge to teach you an overview of the principles, methodologies, practices, and tools used to accomplish DevOps and contrast methodologies common in the development community and describe their application to DevOps.

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