Our Solutions

Network Engineering Solutions

The first step in building a network is working in the trenches with our clients to gain a thorough understanding of the applications they serve, who they serve them to, and how they  will be accessed. We then take a consultative, vendor neutral approach to building and combining hardware and software products from multiple vendors for a customizable solution. The result is a network that puts you ahead of the technology curve so you can exceed customer demands.

Security Services

In an ecosystem characterized by constantly evolving threats, your best defense is to block threats before they emerge. Identify and control your IT security and gain an understanding of your risk posture so your network is protected from end-to-end and everywhere in between.

Wireless Solutions

Constructing a wireless network that delivers the requisite coverage, capacity, data rates, and roaming capability is a task that differs from company to company. Due to our extensive experience developing WLAN solutions, Armature Systems is familiar with the multitude of challenges facing companies when enterprise mobility is an increasingly important requirement for productivity. When it comes to installation, our team often consults with your chosen installation crew or can join you to aide in access point and antenna placement.

Automation & Orchestration

Complex deployments can correlate to a variety of complex challenges for the modern IT department. In order for companies to remain agile in light of challenges like multiple data centers, clustered applications, various types of hybrid clouds, and complex dependencies, there is an increasing need to automate and orchestrate your tasks simply. Armature systems automation and orchestration solutions allow for companies of all sizes to successfully navigate complex deployments so backend services, databases, networks, and storage can exist in harmony.

Education & Consulting

Learning how to navigate your newly created network environment can be a confusing process at first glance. But at Armature Systems, we recreate your environment in our lab and maintain those environments throughout the duration of the project to train you on things specific to your environment. This way, you’re able to harness the power of a state of the art network environment and know how to leverage it to its full potential.

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